Besides the three environments available for natural evolution (Normal, Spheres, Bumpy) the gravity and other features can be edited.

Gravity ModificationEdit

To edit the gravity strength, go to the constants file in the bin folder. Edit the value next to gravity_strength_on_land.

0.01X GravityEdit

1.2 Gravity and all lighter gravities should not be used because all creatures can fling themselves extremely far. Also because of the lack of air physics the creatures eventually end up stuck in place.

0.1X GravityEdit

In a gravity of 12 many beautiful creatures appear but evolution has to be supervised to prevent junk creatures from outcompeting good ones.

0.75X GravityEdit

The gravity of 80 is the best gravity of all and can be used as a subsitute to the normal gravity. The folding tree was evolved here.

10X GravityEdit

A gravity of 1200 can support non-cheating creatures and twitch-cheating creatures and is the best high-gravity, although not the most productive.

100X GravityEdit

Only cheaters can move in a gravity of 12000 because even the grabber is unable to pick anything off the ground. It is still a good high-gravity environment though.

1000X GravityEdit

A gravity of 120000 should not be used because all creatures that are not instantly crushed abuse the physics to cheat.

Bumpiness of bumpy groundEdit

To edit the bumpiness of bumpy ground edit the bumpy_ground_bumpiness in constants. A bumpiness of 0 means the ground still slopes up but is otherwise smooth. Higher bumpiness means stray pieces of ground appear more frequently and are taller. 0 bumpiness is good for simulating a staircase-shaped hill, while higher ones may behave as an obstacle course.

Fixing WaterEdit


Replacing this file into the normal constants file will allow the water environment to function. Creatures like the Frogfoot can be viewed with the add-on.

How to UseEdit

After replacing, selecting the "water" option on the fitness schedule when configuring an evolution will cause the evolution to take place in water.Pressing Ctrl+W when viewing a creature causes the environment to change to water, and vice versa. Land creatures can be evolved with the add-on perfectly well, so the old constants file can be discarded.


This add-on does not create correct water physics; it merely causes the glitched water physics to weaken so they do not kill creatures affected by the glitch.