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The Frogfoot is one of the most realistic creatures, and the first aquatic creature to exist on the wiki owing to its submitter's improved constants file

How to viewEdit

A frogfoot cannot "start up" its tail when spawned on the ground, so both the fitness schedule and the environment need to be set to water.


This creature evolved from a different aquatic creature that resembled a frog, but during the course of its evolution the frog was reduced to one of its feet, reflecting its tilted spawn angle and crooked snout.

Swimming behaviorEdit


The frogfoot does not propel itself with its tail. The slightly unstable tail behaves as an energy generator that captures the weakened (but still glitchy) viscosity, causing it to undulate at extremely high speeds. The tail's basal connector (the thick white block connecting it to the body) undulates along with the tail and pushes the body forward as it does so. Frogfoots are usually able to keep their balance although top-heavy because some of the tail segments are not in their natural position and press upwards on the creature, a fact illustrated by checking body segments interpenetrate on the creature body settings. However, they may get stuck sideways for long periods.


Frogfoots swim in a manner reminiscent of tetraodontiform locomotion, except for the fact that they lack any fins. They are able to hover in mid-water, turn, or swim sideways by moving the basal connecting segment and sometimes may swim upside-down, during which they cannot move upwards and are not top-heavy, but are capable of turning right-side up again. Because of their reliance on viscosity and not their own joint motions, the tail may temporarily "jam" when the creature is facing vertically. However, because of the tail segments that are not in their natural position, a frogfoot can tilt back until it is able to activate the tail again. Its complex emergent behavior makes it very realistic, especially when swimming in large groups.


Frogfoot (Evolved Virtual Creature)

Frogfoot (Evolved Virtual Creature)