1000x Gravity Snail

1000x Gravity Snail

Some glitches appear here.



Some creatures use the common twitch-glitch to move forward. The mechanism behind the glitch is that joints have a repair code that moves the joint forward until it is in the original position. A twitchy creature is designed so the joint affected by the code never reaches the optimum position, and therefore slowly pushes the creature.


Creatures that have many parts crammed into a small space will jump up very high because of pressure. Usually after being launched they are unable to do so again.

Human InterventionEdit

When a creature from an evolution is dragged, the fitness increases as if the creature moved there itself. Similarly, a creature being anchored by the grabber will have a low fitness as though the creature was actually unable to move. This is important when downloading creatures. Some creatures who look upside-down will use the perception of the player that they are indeed upside down only to be dragged unsuccessfully forward instead of flipping over, although they can't move either way.


The viscousness of the water causes creatures and multi-jointed objects to spin crazily. Creatures instantly die and an error message appears in the Windows Batch file saying "vector has zero size." This is still useful for flying branches of the dancing tree, though, since the branches cannot break without freezing. Good branches have at least 2 prongs and a good prong-to base ratio. If the prongs are too thin the base will seem surrounded by bees. If there is one prong, or the prongs are too small, the branch will not lift off.

Extra SegmentsEdit

If a creature has limbs that have been reduced by depth settings and is saved, the settings will not be saved and when loaded from a file the deleted segments will reappear. This is a common glitch for people saving creatures with many parts.

Dancing Tree BreakageEdit

In rare cases the dancing tree is more fragile than normal and shatters into pieces that resist gravity. "Vector has zero size" messages will appear until the tree is deleted.

Evolution Sphere CrashEdit

If an evolution sphere is grabbed and touches the ground while still being grabbed the game will crash.