Welcome to 3DVCE WIKI, the wiki about 3D Virtual Creature Evolution anyone can edit! Many pages have been made about evolving worms, two-armed jumpers, and more!

Visitors and members are needed. The long-missing download is here too! We even have the end-over-end worm in two versions for download!

What is 3DVCE?Edit

3DVCE or 3D Virtual Creature Evolution (sometimes abbreviated to just 3D Creature Evolution) is a command-line evolution simulator written in C++ by Lee Graham for Windows and also Mac and Linux using a program called Wine. It simulates 3D creatures made of blocks, which evolve according to customisable fitness functions, such as moving forward, jumping, or catching balls. Many environments are available, such as flat ground and bumpy "hills".  The creatures are evaluated one by one for their fitness, and the most fit creature survives to the next generation while the remaining creatures sexually or asexually "reproduce". There are also objects such as various blocks, trees, and grenades to play around with.

Unfortunately, as of 2012, Lee Graham and his website have mysteriously disappeared. Any attempts to contact the email address have been met with silence and his YouTube channel is inactive. See the download section below for an archived copy of the software and an archived copy of Lee's website.

Why create a wiki about a program that Is no longer in development? Edit

Although Lee mentioned that he wouldn't release the source code until he made some "major improvements" (which he never did), the wiki is serving as a creature database and informational rest dead, and you can upload any creatures and evolutions you encounter here and interact with the community! If you have any questions, please contact the admin.


Open the folder, then open the one inside with the same name. There is a Windows Batch file called Go. After extracting the folder with WinZip or any similar program, open the unzipped copy of the folder and open Go again to run.

A tutorial is available here:

An archived copy of Lee's page (which has downloadable creature genomes) is also available:

Things to doEdit